I used to cut my hair short.

Now I prefer to wear it long,
So it falls around my knees

When I hug myself to sleep


To cry,
So it wraps around my face

And wipes off tiny droplets

Falling from my eyes.



(Revolution Collection, #5)

The injustice in this world breaks my heart.

Not everyone gets what he deserves from the start.

Some get less, others get lucky.

Some get too little, others too many.
I now understand why some

even go to the streets to fight,

When the emotions start to build up

and you crave to see the light.
When they don’t value the things that matter

And the focus is on things that shatter.

When they value the things you don’t

And you ask yourself, “what’s the point?”
So from your home to the streets to the workplace,

Keep striving to find your tribe.

For I’d like to believe that when you do,

Everything you ever wanted, you will find.

Tired Heart

One day, caught myself thinking
Of all the things we’ve said & done
Seems like something’s missing
And it makes me wanna run

Away towards someplace new
Somewhere I can be free
A place away from you
A place that’s right for me

Don’t know if this is real
Or it’s a tired heart speaking
I just know right now I feel
Like my heart just stopped beating


I’ll Let You

“Love is not found in someone else,
but in ourselves; we simply awaken it.
But in order to do that, we need the other person.” – Eleven Minutes, Paulo Coelho

So I’ll let you awaken the love in me
& take me to places that otherwise I’ll never see,
I’ll let you hold my hand in yours
Let’s run together through open doors.

I’ll let you take my heart for free
& let you awaken the love in me.